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Discover the Bravo Legacy

At Bravo Jewelers, we're more than just a jewelry store – we're a living testament to the artistry passed down through generations. Meet our founders, brothers Edward and Eugene Notovich, who proudly carry the torch as the third generation of jewelers in their family lineage.

Our journey begins with a rich history of watchmakers and goldsmiths, with a father and even an uncle who shared the same passion. Crafting exquisite jewelry isn't just a business for us; it's a family tradition deeply woven into our DNA.
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Made in carlsbad
Made in carlsbad
about us

bravo jewellers legacy

Sparkling Beginnings in Europe

The story begins in the heart of Europe, where the Notovich family ran a treasured jewelry store. It's here that the brothers Edward and Eugene took their first steps into the world of jewelry-making.


Learning the Artistry

Growing up around the shimmering gems and gleaming metals, Edward and Eugene became apprentices to their father, honing their craft from an early age.

A Journey Across the Atlantic

The family embarked on a transformative journey, immigrating to the United States, carrying with them a legacy of jewelry-making.


Mastering Goldsmithing in Minnesota

With their passion burning bright, the brothers earned their goldsmith degrees in the welcoming embrace of Minnesota.

Shining in Minneapolis

The duo found themselves at Continental Diamond Jewelry Store in Minneapolis, where they continued to refine their skills and passion for the art of jewelry.


The Charms of Carlsbad Beckon

Seduced by the charm of Carlsbad, Edward and Eugene decided to make this coastal gem their home and the future home of Bravo Jewelers.

Polishing Their Expertise at GIA Institute

A pivotal moment in their journey, the brothers enrolled at the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA), further enhancing their knowledge and craft.


Crafting for the World

Edward and Eugene embarked on a venture, offering wholesale trade services, sharing their expertise with other jewelry stores, and crafting exquisite pieces for a broader audience.

Bravo Jewelers Shines Bright

The culmination of years of dedication and a deep-rooted passion led to the birth of Bravo Jewelers. With their own store, they've created a haven for jewelry enthusiasts, offering not just extraordinary jewelry but also an unforgettable shopping experience.

Bravo Jewellers, Jewelry Store in Carlsbad

A Legacy of Excellence

Today, Bravo Jewelers stands as a beacon of excellence, a testament to the dedication, passion, and craftmanship of the Notovich brothers. Their journey is one that spans continents, generations, and a shared love for the art of jewelry-making.

it was time for me to propose and i started my shopping i went to many jewelry stores, but decided to end my search at Bravo jewelers. they are the only store that also made jewelry, if other just did a repair or just claimed they do but in reality send it somewhere else to be made. but with Bravo they made it in house and i saw every step of it which is really cool. also i was involved in designing some of the elements.  truly unique experience. it made me feel that i made it too. Thank you.

Jason Ventura

An amazing experience! I was able to fully customize my ring and it is beautiful. The staff are extremely responsive and professional. A huge thank you to Catherine, who is a wonderful employee at Bravo Jewellers. I will be purchasing my wedding band at Bravo as well!!!

Stuart Carter

I went in to Bravo jewelers on a referral and was  NOT disappointed!!! They worked with me on redesigning my ring from the 80’s for my 30 year anniversary. They are so professional , warm, and down to earth! No up selling anything, no pressure , listening to what I wanted and designing exactly what was in my head !!! So talented!!! Happy to call them “ my jewelers!!”

Lori Cornejo


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Our mission is crystal clear: crafting exquisite jewelry that captures and radiates timeless elegance and significance in every piece. We're not just jewelers; we are creators of cherished memories, dedicating our passion and expertise to providing a personalized and unforgettable jewelry experience. Your journey with us transcends mere adornment; it's about capturing moments, celebrating milestones, and leaving indelible impressions.
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