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Unlock the extraordinary with Bravo Jewelers. Let us bring your dream jewelry to life, crafting every detail to perfection. Together, we'll create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your unique style and tells your story.
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Made in carlsbad
Made in carlsbad
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Transform your idea into reality!

Step 1: Crafting Your Vision

Our journey begins with our in-house designer meticulously collecting details about your jewelry's significance, your personal style, preferred colors, gemstones, symbolism, setting style, and budget. Afterward, we create sketch variations to align with your preferences, offering designs that are both beautiful and built to last.

Step 2: Visualizing Your Dream

With your preferences in focus, we create a photo-realistic computer rendering, helping you envision the finished piece. Adjustments are easy and when you're completely satisfied, we craft a plastic model painted to resemble the final product. You can even try it on. Once it's perfect, production begins.

Step 3: Masterful Craftsmanship

Our jewelry piece takes shape as we begin by meticulously creating a metal cast. We then apply precision techniques, including filing, soldering, and polishing, until every detail gleams with smooth, radiant perfection. Gemstones are carefully set to enhance its beauty, and a final polish brings forth its breathtaking shine.

Step 4: Documenting Your Masterpiece

As your unique piece nears completion, we meticulously document its journey, capturing every detail from start to finish. This includes an appraisal value and warranty card. With great care, we then present your masterpiece in a gift-ready box.

Step 5: Lifelong Brilliance

Our commitment extends beyond creation. Every custom piece receives a lifetime of care, including complimentary inspections, professional cleaning, stone tightening, and an insurance appraisals as needed. We're here to ensure your jewelry continues to shine brilliantly through life's adventures.

At Bravo Jewellers, we are the visionaries of your inspiration. Our accomplished artisans and skilled goldsmiths passionately unite to craft a truly exceptional masterpiece that embodies your inspiration.
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How do I get started with custom design?

Visit our design team in person or schedule a virtual appointment, and together, we'll transform your vision into a breathtaking reality. Bring your ideas and images, and let the magic begin. Please note that a security deposit is required to initiate the design process.

How long does the custom design process usually take?

The duration of the custom design process varies depending on the design's complexity. On average, it takes about 3 weeks. If you have a specific deadline sooner than that, we will work diligently to accommodate your timeline.

Is custom design more expensive than buying pre-made jewelry?

No, not necessarily. Whether it's a piece from our showcase or a custom creation, every jewelry item is meticulously crafted from scratch in our workshop, following the same meticulous process. While costs can vary depending on complexity, we're committed to working closely with you to ensure your vision aligns with your budget.

Can I use my own gemstones or materials in the custom design?

Absolutely! If you have treasured pieces of old jewelry, sentimental gems, or materials you want to incorporate into your custom design, we're ready to make it happen.

What if I'm not sure about the design I want?

Don't worry! Our professional designer is here to bring your vision to life. Additionally, explore our interactive AI platform to generate your own unique ring based on various criteria.

Can I see a rendering or sketch of my custom design before it's made?

Absolutely! We provide detailed rendering images of your jewelry from all angles, and we even create a printed plastic model, painted to resemble your piece before crafting it in metal.

Will my custom jewelry come with a warranty or guarantee?

Yes, all our custom jewelry includes a lifetime warranty against defects. Please note that it doesn't cover daily wear, chipped stones, or misuse. We recommend stopping by every 6 months for inspections. Our guarantees include the use of the best materials, environmentally friendly practices, highest craftsmanship, and exceptional durability.