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At Bravo Jewellers, we understand that choosing the perfect gemstone is a significant decision. While various gemstones hold unique beauty, durability, and charm, diamonds stand out as an exceptional choice for several reasons.
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The Five C's of Diamonds

Cut information
Diamond cutting is the precise art of shaping and refining diamonds, crucial for their brilliance and fire. Poor cuts, whether too deep or shallow, reduce light reflection. Deep cuts may make diamonds look smaller and dim, while shallow ones appear lackluster. Choose diamonds with excellent cut grades for maximum appeal.
color information
White diamonds usually have traces of color, graded D-Z, with D being truly colorless. Z-rated diamonds show noticeable color and cost less. Grades beyond Z are fancy color diamonds, valued for their specific colors. Most engagement ring diamonds fall in the F-I range, highly sought after for being Colorless to Near Colorless.
clarity information
Diamonds have imperfections called inclusions, graded from F (Flawless) to I3 (Included). Most engagement ring diamonds are in the VS1 – SI2 range, with inclusions not visible to the naked eye above SI1. Lower clarity grades may affect sparkle and beauty, so caution is advised.
carat information
Carat weight directly affects a diamond's size but doesn't guarantee the same appearance. Cut influences weight distribution. A deep cut hides weight at the bottom. A well-cut diamond maximizes width and brilliance. Opt for Very Good or Excellent cut for value and visual appeal.
clarity information
Getting a diamond with a reliable grading report is vital. It ensures your investment meets quality standards. Trust reports from reputable labs, and many include laser-inscribed report numbers for easy verification.
Where Diamonds Shine Brighter

beyond the five c’s

Think of fluorescence as your diamond's secret glow. When exposed to ultraviolet light, some diamonds emit a beautiful, almost magical, colored light. It's like your diamond's hidden party trick.
Symmetry is all about balance. Imagine your diamond as a perfectly balanced snowflake, where each facet aligns harmoniously with the next. It's what gives your diamond its mesmerizing sparkle.
Polish is like the final brushstroke on a masterpiece. It's the smooth, glass-like surface that lets light dance effortlessly across your diamond, creating a captivating, mirror-like finish.
Think of diamond treatment like skincare for your gem. It's the process of enhancing a diamond's natural beauty through responsible techniques. It's our way of ensuring your diamond is radiant and ethically cared for.
We pride ourselves on not only providing the finest selection of diamonds but also on educating our clients. Our knowledgeable staff will help you understand the Four Cs and guide you in selecting the diamond that perfectly suits your preferences, needs, and budget.
At Bravo Jewellers, we are the visionaries of your inspiration. Our accomplished artisans and skilled goldsmiths passionately unite to craft a truly exceptional masterpiece that embodies your inspiration.
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Find Your Signature Sparkle

Diamond shapes

The round brilliant is the most popular shape and was developed specifically for diamonds to show off their sparkle. The round brilliant gives off more sparkle than any other shape. Each of its 58 facets bounces light inside the stone and reflects it back into the viewer’s eye. If you want the most brilliant stone possible, look no further than the round brilliant!
Invented just a few decades ago, the princess cut is a square or rectangular-shaped diamond. It has become increasingly popular and is perfect for those looking to combine brilliance with modern edge.
Cushion cuts are rounded squares and rectangles that resemble pillows in shape. They are one of the oldest diamond cuts and have been popular for centuries. Modern cushion cuts are a refreshing twist on a timeless classic.
The emerald cut is cherished for its elegant gleam rather than sparkle. Its step-like facets reflect each other to create a stunning hall-of-mirrors effect. Color and clarity are important when choosing an emerald cut, because its large, window-like facets allow people to see clearly into the stone.
A hybrid of the round brilliant and marquise cuts, the pear cut diamond has 58 facets and gives off lots of sparkle. Its graceful shape helps elongate the wearer’s fingers, and it can be worn with the end pointed in or out to create different looks.
A classic cut with a soft, elegant look, the oval cut has been popular for centuries. An oval cut can give the impression of being larger than a round brilliant of the same carat weight. It is also durable because it has no sharp points that need to be protected, and its elongated shape can make its wearer’s fingers appear slimmer.
There’s no better way of showing your love than with a heart shaped diamond. Unique and romantic, the heart shape looks like two pears combined together. Heart shaped diamonds may need to be larger (.5 carats or above) for their shape to show clearly.

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What are the most popular diamond shapes?

Meet the 'Round,' 'Princess,' 'Emerald,' and 'Oval'—the diamond world's shining stars. 'Round' for timeless elegance, 'Princess' for a modern edge, 'Emerald' for a touch of sophistication, and 'Oval' for graceful charm. These popular shapes are ready to steal the spotlight!

What's the difference between a natural diamond and a lab-grown one?

Picture it: natural diamonds are Earth's handiwork, millions of years in the making. Lab-grown diamonds? Our very own sparkly science experiments! Plus, natural diamonds tend to cost more and hold their value, while lab-grown diamonds are more budget-friendly but may not hold their value quite the same way

Why should I choose a diamond over other gems?

Here's the blingy scoop: Diamonds are the ultimate sparkle champs and the toughest gems in town. So, for everyday dazzle that can stand up to anything, diamonds are your go-to choice!

What are the price points for diamonds?

Diamond prices can vary significantly based on various factors, including carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. It's like a complex puzzle where each piece contributes to the final price. As a general reference, a 1-carat round diamond typically falls within the ballpark of around $3,000

Buy in-store vs. buying online?

Choosing in-store lets you uncover a diamond's secrets, as online, you can't see how it'll truly shine in person. Each diamond reflects light uniquely. Online often offers leftovers, while stores handpick the best. At Bravo Jewellers, we're your guides to finding the one that dazzles.

Should I buy a diamond with a certificate?

Yes, absolutely! A trustworthy grading report ensures you get what you pay for. Only trust reputable labs, and you'll sparkle with confidence!